"The most fun part of building our new house was creating the design with Edrick.  We interviewed many architects before choosing, and it was clear that Edrick had a rare mix of creativity, know-how, and sensitivity.  Our final result seems miles away from the first set of drawings Edrick showed us, but he had the patience and wisdom to listen to our hopes and dreams, apply his talent, and guide us to what is now our dream house."

Robert and Nancy Zuffante
West Concord, Massachusetts

"Our renovation of parts of an old house presented several challenges and Edrick rose to each and everyone of them, coming up with sound advice, great ideas and solutions while always keeping an eye on the costs.  We appreciated his creativity, flexibility, dependability and accessibility throughout our eight months project."

Marianne Hessner
Brookline, Massachusetts

"We were very pleased with the outcome of our renovation project. We found that Edrick was responsive to our ideas and presented us with a plan that incorporated our wish list yet stayed within our budget. He offered welcome suggestions if he felt we needed guidance but left us a great deal of space to allow us to make our own decisions."

Nancy Roach
Somerville, Massachusetts

"Edrick was a pleasure to work with, Very talented with his vision and fulfillment of a difficult project. I recommend him to all."

Jeffrey Dunn
Weston, Massachusetts

"Edrick had worked with us on other projects, so when we moved to the West Coast and started to work on our “dream house”, we knew we wanted him to participate. Designing from 3000 miles away included a local detailer and engineer. It sounded cumbersome when we started, but the combination team actually worked out extremely well. Edrick took our rough sketches, pictures and clippings and turned them into a scale model that really allowed us to nail the design. It’s been 13 years, and there are still aspects of this house that put a smile on our faces every day.

We've been in houses in town that certainly rival the aesthetic sense, but every one of them came in at more than double the square foot cost."

Steve and Dorothy Miner
Ashland, Oregon

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